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Already alarmed from the their lord’s erratic behavior and you can unusual feelings, Lucius proceeded to scrutinise the newest primarch’s all of the disperse

Already alarmed from the their lord’s erratic behavior and you can unusual feelings, Lucius proceeded to scrutinise the newest primarch’s all of the disperse

His issues increased a whole lot more as he observed Fulgrim’s diminished brotherly-companionship and observation out-of Legion traditions and culture. Exactly what it’s switched on Lucius’ suspicions is actually new realisation you to Fulgrim’s swordsmanship is actually unexpectedly inferior to his own superlative experience. Their primarch wasn’t just who he appeared as if. Lucius’ suspicions was in fact after that affirmed when he seen Fulgrim through its effective clairvoyant show inside the open treat up against a great Warhound-group Titan of your Mechanicum inside the III rd Legion’s assault towards Prismatica V.

Lucius continued to get the brand new strange dreams in the bed, and you will started to stick to the threads inserted because of the these types of prescient visions. Cracking a condition purchase, Lucius defied brand new primarch and you may went along to look at the La Fenice, the latest cinema receive agreeable brand new Emperor’s Childrens’ leading Pride of your Emperor. That is where the fresh bride Tire Emperor’s College students had really dropped into corrupting dictate regarding Slaanesh, awakened by the operatic symphony known as the Maraviglia.

Determined to help you free their primarch by any means from the their discretion, Lucius covertly convened new Brotherhood of your Phoenix — this new private warrior lodge of your III rd Legion that only anticipate fighters away from manager score to join by Legion’s love of ladder

Investigating the latest destroyed chamber very carefully, Lucius located above the stage one to a great portrait installed over this new smashed wreckage of your proscenium. In brand new perishing white, new portrait’s magnificence is palpable. Clad inside the armor regarding reddish and you will silver, Fulgrim are depicted through to the higher doorways of the Heliopolis, the heart of one’s flagship, the flaming wings out of a good phoenix capturing upwards behind your. The brand new firelight of your epic bird shone up on their armour, for every single polished plate seeming so you’re able to shimmer into temperature of your flame, their tresses a beneficial cascade out of silver. New primarch of your Emperor’s Pupils is carefully represented for the primary outline, most of the nuance of their brilliance while the lifestyle you to definitely generated Fulgrim particularly a vision from beauty grabbed from the exquisite brushwork. No better shape regarding a great warrior had ever resided or actually carry out again, and even glance such as a flawless example of the fresh painter’s artwork were to be aware that ponder nonetheless existed from the universe.

Gazing on sight of one’s color, Lucius often see the new horror in the primarch’s attention, a horror that had perhaps not become made from the ability regarding a mortal artist. The best, exquisite heartache burned from the portrait’s gaze, this new ebony pools of your own decorated attention did actually pursue their most of the path. Lucius came to the conclusion one to somehow, their primarch try swept up in painting, hence the entity one to paraded to because their Legion’s lord was an impostor.

A wonderful fantastic body type held the brand new material caught up within the embrace, therefore the remarkable brilliance of one’s color is actually really astonishing

This had to be done with the most secrecy, to have from this go out the new polluted elder officials came into existence strong, erratic and you may thinking-obsessed with new quest for the individual delights. In addition to, a few of these older officials carried an effective loathing to possess Lucius, just who it viewed as good despised upstart. Using their competent oratory, this new swordsman were able to persuade his mercurial brothers that the primarch wasn’t themselves. The guy further confronted the egos and you will stroked the vanity, enticing them on the boldly capturing the pribushed Fulgrim, and despite delivering multiple casualties, was able to subdue their lord by helping to make your unconscious.

The primarch ended up being delivered to new Apothecarion of III rd Legion’s Head Apothecary Fabius Bile, where he was secured right down to among examination tables. Right here, Fabius, Lucius, Julius Kaesoron and you may Marius Vairosean tried to push onward the newest Daemonic organization off their lord’s mortal shell by way of a prolonged torture lesson called excruciation. Fulgrim willingly filed themselves in order to his tormentors’ ministrations, and you will consistently spoke out of his perceptions of truth, situations that were already taking place from the universe while the A mess expanded during the stamina and the anticipated roadway getting their Legion.

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